Financial issues are always the top concern of all of you, are and will study abroad. From the beginning of the preparation of your application to the first step of your study abroad, it costs you a lot, so you need to know how to spend the money wisely and use the forms of savings. Finance does not affect your learning process. GSE-beo share some tips to help you save some of the cost of living during the study.

  1. Scholarship

Finding scholarships is always the best way to save money while studying. You can study full or partial scholarships as soon as you apply to the school to minimize the cost. Also, during the learning process, try to get as many points as possible. There are many universities offering scholarships each semester to students, provided that they meet the score requirement each semester. Having good academic results will not only make your transcript more beautiful, but it will also help you reduce your financial burden.


  1. Study at the library

Studying at the library will be extremely beneficial as this is a source of many books and materials for studying and searching. You do not have to move too many places to find the material you need. In addition, the library can help you minimize costs in ways that few people think of. The library offers internet access and allows free use of electricity. So, you can try charging your laptop or using the internet at your library to reduce your electricity bills and internet at home.

  1. Cook by myself

International students often have the option of eating out, eating at the school cafeteria or cooking at home. Of course, the cost of meals outside would be much more expensive than the meals at the school cafeteria. However, the best way to save money is to cook yourself at home. You can actively choose safe and processed foods to suit your taste. If you want to save even more, you can invite some of your friends to cook together. The money to buy food for many people when divided into the head will be cheaper to buy only for you.


  1. Buy items or old items

When you study abroad, you will need to prepare some money to buy a lot of things such as study furniture, bed, wardrobe, ... You even have to spend on clothes and shoes. If the weather in your country study too harsh. The best way to save money in this situation is to ask your seniors first, especially if you are going out of school to see if anyone can cede your old school supplies. In addition, you can go to buy furniture at the old shop. The cost will be much cheaper than buying a new one. Clothing, shoes go hunting for big sales. Some countries that regularly host old marketplaces, supermarkets and cheap student markets may be able to handle some of your financial problems.

  1. Overtime

Learning to work more to cover costs is a familiar image of the students. Do not think overwork will affect your learning. Each country has its own regulations for international students who want to work more to ensure their studies. The easiest to find is to serve in the cafe, restaurant, kitchen, sales. These jobs are a bit hard but they will train you with agility, confidence, language ability, and good salary. Lighter jobs such as cashier or assistant lecturer at university, extra work in school library. And of course, the competition for these jobs will also be higher. It is important that in addition to financial benefits that everyone see when you work, you also have the opportunity to integrate, learn more about the culture, life of indigenous people.


Study abroad requires good financial support, but there are many ways you can save money for study abroad. Do not hesitate with your dreams. Contact GSE-beo for advice. GSE-beo provides 100% free of charge application, visa application support, visa support, accommodation and airline ticket booking.

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