The course dates from World Mental Health Day (October 10th). Summing up the latest results in psychology and neuroscience to find out about happiness and how to achieve it, the course will teach practical and effective ways that students can apply in the field. live their daily life.

The course appears in the context of mental health concerns and student health when 94% of colleges have a dramatic increase in the number of people attempting to access psychological support services. . The course is part of Bristol's broader approach to improving and caring for students across the University.

Bristol's new course was inspired by another extremely successful course, Yale University's "Psychology and Good Life" - the most popular course in the history of the school, at a rate of four One student enrolled.

The "Science of Happiness" is a 10-week optional course that begins by asking students to measure their own happiness level, helping them discover personal strengths that will then be delivered. and reflect when the course takes place.

The course is led by renowned psychologist, Professor Bruce Hood, who has conducted world-class research on how the brain works and how people think. Professor Hood, formerly of the famous Royal Institution, "Discover Your Brain," will now offer a fascinating and interactive course.


"We live in a world full of challenges to social security, especially the younger generation. Most people think that the path to happiness is success in work, salary, material possessions and relationships. While these goals are linked to happiness, they do not guarantee happiness and indeed, the pursuit of non-stop can actually contribute to unhappiness.

The course is open to all students, not just those who are aware of the challenges of their quest for happiness. More importantly, the purpose of this course is to help students better understand what happiness is and how the human mind often destroys happiness. Being aware of this will equip students with the skills they need to improve their mental health and others. "

Lessons address a range of core issues such as whether happiness is in the genome and whether it can actually change, the way our minds distort happiness, the role of culture in happiness, should follow Expulsion is more about ownership and how to reestablish the level of happiness.

Students will be asked to choose an exercise to practice all week, such as taking time to enjoy life, expressing gratitude to people and things around them, doing good deeds random thoughts, connecting people, increasing physical activity, sleeping more, or meditating.

"We are really excited to launch this new course, a pioneering course in the UK. We hope the course will bring great benefits to students, not only during college but also throughout life. "

He added: "This is a good example of how our own research can directly generate community benefits, equipping people with personal skills to grow in. an increasingly complex world.

This course is linked to our Bristol Futures, a collection of initiatives that provide a range of courses and events to support the mental health of students. We look forward to hearing feedback from students on the course and working with students to develop further in the coming years. "

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