According to Professor Stephen Toope, Cambridge plans a more detailed year for poor students called the "transition year" after the school disclosed this information earlier this week.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Today , Professor Toope says Cambridge can not be an "excellent university" unless it opens the door to welcoming talents from all peoples in Britain and around the world.

"A one-year foundation course - for talented students - will be free," said the vice principal. Initially, this opportunity will be for dozens of students each year, the goal is to broaden the scope of the program.

"This is an opportunity for students to study at Cambridge for a while, for free, because we will not ask them to pay any money," said Professor Toope.

"We are working with philanthropists to raise funds for this program so we have more access to students who can benefit from the program.

We want to give students the opportunity to be able to overcome difficulties, to work with a number of academics in the field, to ensure that if they finally receive Cambridge, these students will be really ready for the program. formal education ".

This announcement comes after Cambridge and Oxford were criticized for lack of diversity in recognition of no British black students in recent years.

Sharing with the BBC, the vice principal said, he can not guarantee that all of the free program students will be admitted to Cambridge but he added: "However, I think we will be able to This will ensure that after this program they will have the opportunity to enter a top university. "


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