American standard education is the first choice

In a recent share, a Vietnamese expert in the franchising industry, Nguyen Van, said that Vietnam's educational needs are increasingly high and demanding educational businesses to innovate, attract people.

With this trend, in Vietnam, there are many schools offering bilingual, bilingual, university-level programs, creating a diversified international educational environment for the program, the value of the degree. and the tuition segment.

According to parents, the special feature of American education that Vietnam has not yet done is to train according to the ability or capacity of learners. This is also one of the reasons why America has become the country that attracts the most outstanding students, young leaders, and the cradle of world talent.

Therefore, it can be seen that the wave of studying in the US has been increasing in recent years, not only in Vietnam but also in the whole world. However, this also increases the competitive pressure if students are looking for scholarships at top 100 schools.

Nguyen Thu Phuong - A student of grade 10 Nguyen Thuong Hien High School (HCMC) - said she is intending to apply for US college scholarship. To gain more advantage when applying for scholarship, I have to self-study with the US Baccalaureate and prepare the application. However, self-study is quite difficult due to the way American learning differs from Vietnam.

The IAE has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the University of Missouri (USA) to provide the best opportunities for Vietnamese students to gain access to international education. Study abroad in the world's top universities.

The American Baccalaureate Preparation Program is suitable for all students

Currently, Vietnamese students can choose from a number of study options to earn a US Baccalaureate: study abroad; study at international schools; or follow the preparation model as IvyPrep - Mizzou High School Program.

For study abroad, students will have the best opportunity to study, experience and immerse themselves in the environment, life and culture of the United States. However, the cost of this type is quite high, about 50,000 to 60,000 dollars per year.

If they attend international schools in the country, they will also be offered a US Baccalaureate program with the advantages of modern facilities, including comprehensive activities. International school fees are not cheap, at about 20-50 million per month.

In this context, IvyPrep - Mizzou High School Program will solve many problems for parents. The first is the cost problem, every family can easily access the cost of about 280-348 million for all three years. This cost is much lower than high school or international school. Moreover, students will not have to live away from home or study abroad early in high school is also the desire of many families. The second is comprehensive - all in one, the program not only bring three types of diplomas, important international certificates when studying abroad and apply for scholarships that are SAT, TOEFL, US Baccalaureate but also how. Include overseas study skills programs and prepare applications for scholarships at leading universities.

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