1. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in hand

Passport with student visa, and air ticket.

  • Letter of Offer, Certificate of enrollment, receipt of tuition fee
  • Letter from the embassy
  • Original / notarized copies of all degrees, transcripts, certificates, birth certificates, 4 × 6 photos
  • Identification documents such as driver's license, identification (including English translation)
  • Health records, medical records (if any)
  • Preparing your papers before you leave is extremely important

2. Learn about the country you study
Every country has its own culture, lifestyle and style. So, do not be surprised when you come to a new land, you should take the time to learn the information about: people, culture, as well as problems that the country is experiencing can picture Enjoy your student life (politics, religion, history, economics, geography).

In addition, you should thoroughly study the weather to be able to equip yourself with essential items such as warm clothes, shoes, scarves ... Also help you avoid carrying unnecessary things, arise undue expenditures.

Before you go to study abroad: What you need to know!

3. Prepare financially
First, you need to have your credit card to transact overseas. Credit card offers a lot of benefits and convenience for the user because automatic teller machines are quite popular and are everywhere. Not only that, the use of credit cards also help you limit the risk of falling or losing money in the process of travel. The two most popular cards nowadays are Visa and Master Card which are available in most Vietnamese banks. You can contact the bank directly to find out about the terms and conditions of card issuance.


Finance is always an issue that can not be overlooked, especially when you live alone abroad

In addition, you should also prepare a cash before departure to cover the cost of initial supplies such as blankets, pillows, belongings, personal items ... In addition, there is little money in the bag. It is more convenient if you choose the means of transport such as subway, bus ... because this is the time can not use credit card.

4. Prepare the psychological stability
One of the major difficulties that students often face when preparing to prepare before going to study abroad is the nostalgia. In fact, loneliness alone, cultural differences in the new sky, will probably make you want to return to the family immediately.

Therefore, psychological preparation is a very important factor, so much decision on the success of your study. The place where you study abroad is the promised land of every student, but it is not paradise. Life and study have their own difficulties. To survive and succeed, you will have to know how to live independently, how to solve problems of money, cultural shock, loneliness, learning, emotional ...


Quickly integrating into the new environment will make your student life more fun

While studying abroad, you will meet people with different concepts, perspectives and perspectives. Be ready to learn and observe the different ideas that will enrich your understanding.

In addition, you should actively participate in groups of students to learn to share experiences from the siblings. This is one of the best ways to integrate into a new community.

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