World-class education

Education in France is always very high quality with more than 3,500 training facilities, 36,000 training programs of high quality. In particular, there are teaching programs in French and English at all levels of training, in all majors. Should you study abroad in Europe do not worry French only for those you know French.

Do not know French? Do not worry you can still study the Fa in English

In France there are many programs that receive international quality certificates and are in the top of the world rankings (Financial Times, Economics Times ...). The LMD Education System (Bachelor - Master - PhD) is recognized and transferred in European countries. Studying in France will surely guarantee the future for you.

Bachelor's degree = 6 semesters = 180 ECTS (High school diploma + 3 years)
Master's degree = 10 semesters = 300 ECTS (High school diploma + 5 academic years)
PhD = 16 semesters = 480 ECTS (Graduated from high school + 8 years)
(*) ECTS: European Credits Transfer System is called a completed credit, accumulated after each semester or year, can be transferred between universities in violation European micro.

Low cost
To answer the question "What is the best way to study in Europe?", France is considered one of the lowest tuition fees in the world by the government's educational support policy. This policy can support tuition fees of up to EUR 14,000 per student per year.

At public schools, tuition is a very small part of the cost of studying and living in a student's life. The tuition fee is set by the state, and is called a registration fee of only 200 - 600 euros per year.

The Student Housing Scheme (CAF) is a great support tool for your student life in France. Moreover, with only a small contribution, overseas students are using the best known health insurance system in the world.

In addition, in the daily life, students also enjoy many incentives such as student meals, discounts on public transport tickets, movie tickets, free tickets to visit the museum ... With the dark support. From the government, the minimum cost an international student needs to pay for living in France is € 7,380 per year. There are countless great reasons to choose France as the number one destination in Europe

Study abroad Which country best?

The habitat is located in the middle of Europe
France is located in the heart of Europe with modern transport system, convenient to move to other countries in the European Union. France also uses a common currency and a Schengen visa connects European countries.

There is a common border with nine countries, so France is in an ideal position. Therefore, studying in France is also a great opportunity for you to explore Europe during the weekend or long holidays.

The cradle of European culture
"Studying in Europe Which country is best?" Is not just about the quality of education, but also the culture and living environment. Speaking of French, you will definitely think of French cuisine. The whole world has to wear a hat when it comes to France because it is the pinnacle of the culinary elite that has been recognized around the globe. Over the past hundred years, this place has been home to some of the finest chefs in the world. .

In addition to its reputation for world-class cuisine, France is also known for its more than 40,000 buildings and heritage preserved, thanks to which Paris is now built. build up. Museums, monuments, churches, flower gardens, reliefs, bridges, or lane in the city, all reflect the ancient, ancient culture of the city.

Considered as a benchmark of beauty, harmony and homosexuality in every detail of architecture. For this reason, Paris culture is always worthy of its name - the cradle of European culture.

However …
Studying good in France does not mean that everything will be easy for anyone who needs to study in France. It is not easy for students to study in France and the conditions of entry are high (especially if you want to go to public schools to get free tuition fees). France is not really a place to go.

Do not let those difficulties stop you! Because of the wonderful things mentioned above, you have agreed that France is the answer to the question "Where is the best country in Europe?"

For the most detailed information about studying in France (choosing schools, courses, scholarships, tuition fees, living costs, how to apply, how to prepare your application, etc.) "QUICK QUICK REGISTER" as below or via hotline 098.111.3361 (met Ms Viet Phuong) nhé.

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